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Our Services

Our Services


Contract Manufacturing is the service we provide primarily to Brand Marketers. We count among our customers, names that are recognized nationally as well as internationally. We are also proud to do work for exciting up-and-coming brands. Our relationship with a Brand Marketer is that of a strategic partner who looks after the manufacturing process only. The marketer does everything else including market strategy, design, packaging component acquisition and the final sales of the product into the marketplace.


Private Label or Store Brand manufacturing is the service we provide to customers who have their own controlled retail distribution. The term “Private Label” can mean different things. In some industries it can refer to the simple act of applying an actual adhesive label with a brand’s own name or logo onto an existing catalogue of products. That can work well with some products, but the scale of our manufacturing means dedicated production runs and printed packaging compatible with our equipment. Our private label or store brand offerings include delicious high-quality National Brand Equivalents to a wide variety of leading diet, energy, protein, natural snack and other styles of bars. Nutri-Nation is a member of the Private Label Manufacturer’s Association (


Our in-house Product Development team includes experts in the fields of food science, nutrition, chemistry and culinary arts. We have experience developing innovative bars from scratch incorporating our customers’ unique ingredients, marketing concepts and nutritional criteria. We are also adept in projects where customers wish to emulate characteristics of existing products.

Our Process

Our established and time tested manufacturing process makes it simple to quickly move your products from conception to completion.

1 Project Assessment

1Project Assessment

  • Compare production capabilities versus product requirements.
    • Does production scale meet MOQs?
    • Can the product be packed fully automated?
  • Send product samples including packaging (if applicable).
2 Benchtop Assessment

2Benchtop Assessment

  • Test the recipe in the lab (charges may apply).
  • If successful, move on to next step, if not, discuss.
3 Plant Trial

3Plant Trial

  • In most cases a plant trial will be required for new products.
  • Standard charges will apply and vary based on plant trial type.
4 Full Scale Production

4Full Scale Production

  • Step 1: Order and receive ingredients/packaging.
  • Step 2: Schedule your first production run.
5 Pick-Up Product

5Pick-Up Product

  • Once production is complete, product will be packed and staged for pick-up.